Alexander Severus

January 10, 2010

Marcus Aurelius Alexander Severus, (AD 205-235), Roman Emperor, 222-235, son of Gessius Marcianus and Julia Mamaea, niece of Septimius Severus’s wife Julia Domna. Born in Phoenicia, he was adopted and given (AD 221) the rank of Caesar by his first cousin, the emperor Heliogabalus, whom he succeeded in the following year.

The early years of his reign were peaceful and devoted to reforms. Eventually Severus became involved in war with Persia. He won an indecisive victory in 232, but, owing to disturbances on the Gallo-German frontier, was unable to follow up his advantage. He therefore returned to Rome and celebrated a triumph in 233. In 235 the Germans were devastating Gaul, and Severus started for the Rhine.

But having offended the army by his attempts to curtail its political power, he was waylaid near Moguntiacum (Mainz) by a band of mutinous soldiers and assassinated.

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  1. Nice blog.But you forgot to mention the circumstances of Alexander Severus’s accession to the Roman throne.His cousin,Elagabalus was assassinated by the Praetorian guards who scorned his worship of foreign deities especially,The Sun God(Deus Sol Invictus)which had come from Emesa, in Syria.Severus was to suffer a similar fate to his predecessors,Elagabalus and Caracalla.He was killed by mutinous troops.

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