January 6, 2010

Decius, full name Gaius Messius Quintus Trajanus Decius (AD 201-51), Roman Emperor, 249-51, born at Budalia in Lower Pannonia. In 249 he was sent by Philip the Arabian to put down a rising of the Moesian army, but the soldiers proclaimed him emperor against his will and persuaded him to march on Italy. Near Verona they met and defeated Philip, who was killed. Throughout his short reign Decius was in conflict with the Goths, by whom he was eventually overwhelmed and killed near Philippopolis. The reign of Decius was marked by one of the most severe persecutions of the Christian Church.

One comment

  1. Decius was the first Roman emperor to fall at the hands of Barbarians in the heat of battle.It was a premonition of what was to follow.Trajanus Decius persecuted the Christians mercilessly because he thought that his predecessor,Philip,the Arab had favored them.He killed Fabian,the Bishop of Rome and forced Christians to swear to the old gods.A certificate of compliance was necessary to obtain jobs,accommodation or food.

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