Valentinian II

January 4, 2010

Falvius Valentinian II (AD 372-92), Roman Emperor, 375-92, born in Milan, son of Valentinian I.

He was an infant of four years at the death of his father and received from his elder brother, Gratian, the provinces of Italy, Illyricum, and Africa as his share of the Western empire. During his minority Gratian practically exercised supreme authority until his own death in 383.

Maximus, the murderer of Gratian, paid no attention to Valentinian until 387, when he invaded Italy, and Valentinian then fled to Thessalonica to seek aid of Theodosius, emperor of the East.

Theodosius now governed in effect for Valentinian, who, while in Gaul, was murdered by Arbogast, the commander in chief of his army on May 15, 392 at Vienne.

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