Constantius I

January 2, 2010

Constantius I, full name Flavius Valerius Constantius, surnamed Chlorus (c. AD 250-306), Roman Emperor, 305-306, and father of Constantine the Great, born of Illyrian parentage. In 293 he was adopted and appointed Caesar by Maximian, receiving the provinces of Britain, Gaul, and Spain, with Augusta Treverorum (modern Trier) as his residence.

He defeated the Alemanni in 298, and strengthened the Rhine frontier; he also did his best to minimise the sufferings of his Christian subjects during the persecution of 303. On the abdication of Diocletian and Maximian in 305 he was raised to the dignity of Augustus, but died at Eboracum (York) in the following year when on an expedition against the Picts and Scots.

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